Privacy Policy

This website and its partners collect information about site visitors. The website collects technical information about visitors, such as IP address, browser agent, referral path, operating system, and other parameters. The website collects behavioral information about visitors, such as clicks, pages visited, time on pages, and return visits. These kinds of information are collected by scripts hosted by the website or partner analytic agencies such as Google Analytics, Clicky, or other content management add-ons. It may be possible, in some cases, to associate the real-world identity with online behaviors of visitors based on the collected data.

Advertising partners, which at any time may or may not include Google Adsense, Doubleclick,, Facebook, Amazon, and others, collect similar information as the website. Advertising partners collect additional information in the form of small files termed cookies that are places on the visitor’s computer. Cookies can track the behavior of visitors across different websites. Cookies may facilitate the identification and tracking of visitors across all online behavior. In addition, advertising partners may use other private and undisclosed tracking technologies to identify or track visitors.

Interaction with cryptocurrency networks, such as sending donations through Bitcoin or Ethereum networks, are not truly anonymous and leave a permanent record on the respective blockchain. Blockchain analysis could reveal user identities and associated behaviors or financial holdings.

This website will use the aggregate visitor behavior to improve site performance and profits. The website will not pursue identification of site visitors, except as required for necessary legal or technical (e.g. defending against an attack) reasons. In the case of commercial transactions, such as the sale of a product, through the site services, identification of site visitors will be used to the extent necessary to perform the transaction, such as coordinating payment receipt and product delivery. The website will not sell or share visitor information with other parties, except as already shared through partner advertising or affiliate networks. In general, this site will follow standard practices for advertising and affiliate networks.

Visitors concerned about privacy are encouraged to use a secure browser, such as theĀ Tor browser, or to use a virtual private network. Technology enthusiasts may also wish to support the ongoing development of the MaidSafe network.